We use our background and expertise to help companies focus their vision of the future and make it a reality via technically feasible implementation. Step by step, concepts become projects, projects compose a vision  and from it soon emerges a market that never existed before.
Here are some examples and goals obtained:

  • Electrical urban mobility is strongly affected by the method of managing  the charge of the cars: a full fledge car sharing company was experiencing losses both in customers number and credibility.
    We developed for them a new marketing approach driven by technical improvements in the fleet efficiency and average SOC, and thus brought allowed them to meet their goals.
  • Battery operated vehicles  have different logistical needs from a  those run by a combustion engine: the use of the potential of an extensive battery park allowed our customer to turn costs into revenues, thus improving the quality of the products that reached the market
  • Reinventing the life cycle of lithium batteries, and solve the waste problem not only for precious metal chemistries , but also for basic products, are some of the problems we have been asked to explore in order to obtain innovative solutions.
    We are currently developing and testing pilot lines and new selection methods, ready for the circular economy to come.
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