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Instruments and Knowledge for new Opportunities


Materials Mates Italia was founded in 2006 to produce advanced scientific instrumentation in the field of Material Science and supply technical support to both industries and universities. Our products can be found worldwide in the most important laboratories studying batteries, fuel cells, electrolysis and advanced materials. We have, throughout the years, transferred knowledge and solutions from our laboratory to industrial customers with our Engineering /Consulting Branch.


Our range of products was developed to solve measuring problems never addressed before .
Per our customers’ request, we produce innovative equipment aiming at higher performance, by utilizing new measuring principles . With us, innovation has no limits,
 as we never stop our creative 

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 process toward higher achievements. Our product line covers the studies of electrochemical generation, as well as transformation and storage of electrical energy , in addition to all safety needs related to this activity.


By listening to our customers, we acquire and expand our knowledge in different fields and then this knowledge and expertise at their service. Technology transfer improves processes and, in time, performance and achievements.

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Our engineering services help companies to successfully explore new frontiers and new fields, from proof-of-concept to full product development and test, in  constant contact with technology leaders worldwide to measure the results to an absolute scale of performance.


The energy revolution is moving at an alarming speed.  Keeping up with it undoubtedly means big challenges, but it also means even bigger returns. Large projects need a comprehensive vision with a  multidisciplinary approach to fully cover the complexity of each goal.

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MMI has navigated this ever changing market by getting involved in both small and large scale projects since its very beginnings. We have covered different technical and strategic aspects of many existing issues and carried our experience from lab environment and “floor size” applications to nationwide and international projects..

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