Materials Mates Italia was founded in 2006 to produce advanced scientific instrumentation in the field of material science and supply technical support to both industries and universities.

Our products can be found worldwide in the most important laboratories studying batteries, fuel cells, electrolysers and advanced materials.



Advanced research requires instruments able to perform and inspire further achievements.

Our philosophy is that researchers must be free to pursue their highest dreams without worrying about technology.

It is our task, as experts in scientific instrumentation, to manage and provide the technology they need to achieve the very top levels with their research.

This is why Materials Mates was created.



2006 Material Mates Italia was founded to produce scientific instrumentation for Electrochemistry and Physics

2008 Fuel Cells High Temperature Test Systems –JRC Vancouver/ CEA Grenoble

2009 First Worldwide Multichannel synchronous Impedance Analysis System - Fraunhofer ISE Freiburg (DE)

2012 – to date High Power Test Systems for Lithium Batteries, Fuel Cells and Electrolysers

2015 – to date  Instruments and methods to assess the status of waste lithium batteries

Innovative Products

All requests from our customers evolve into custom-made instruments leading to higher performances and new measuring systems.

These are, in turn, requested and used by other laboratories which send us further requests, therefore expanding our customer base.

With us innovation never end as we never stop our creative process toward higher achievements.


Engineering Services

By listening to our customers, we acquire and expand our knowledge in different fields placing this knowledge and expertise at their service.

Technology transfer improves applications and in time performance and achievements.

Our engineering services help companies to successfully explore new frontiers and new fields.



Our range of products was developed to solve measuring problems never addressed before.

Each unit has its peculiar and unique feature. The engineering part helps our customer to build the entire experiment focusing on the results.

High Power Multichannel EIS Systems

Up to 50 KW power impedance spectroscopy measuring systems, up to 120 channel of simultaneous sampling both DC and AC, the widest range of options on the market to study energy related systems in life-size scale.

Single Instruments

Solving specific tasks with specialized units is our goal , developed for laboratory and industry as well, supplied with drivers for an easy integration in more complex measuring and production systems.

Cells and Sample Holders

The sample holders are an important part of the measure. We take care to safely drive the signals to and from the sample in all the different environments needed to perform meaningful tests.

Test and Enviromental Stations

Precise measurements require controlled environment, as well as gas and liquid supplies in case of specific devices.
We take care to supply all the required parts in order to grant full experiment control and first-class results.

System Integration - Engineering Services

Complex measuring tasks require many skills to perform at the expected level.
We drive our customers in composing their ideal setup and we realize it, understanding their expectations and offering a wide range of professional skills to help them.


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Company Headquarters

Via Polidoro da Caravaggio, 37 | Milan

We are available worldwide directly or through our network of appointed dealers.

We are looking for skilled partners in the zones not covered yet: if you think your company has the right profile feel free to contact us at info@mmates.net with “dealer” as subject.