Our technologies covers from electrolysers’ test benches to high power multichannel impedance systems up to MW levels…



We are leader in the production of Potentiostat/Galvanostats and multichannels since more than 15 years.

MMI was founded by electrical engineers specialized in scientific instrumentation. We keep in production a line of high performance Potentiostat/Galvanostats we use in our systems or as standalone instruments. Our simultaneous multichannel EIS system was, more than 12 years ago, a world-first for segmented and stacked fuel cells tests MMI was one of the first to rise the power and current of Pstats as single instruments (MM540-580) and boosted units to kW levels first and MW now.


MMI’s ETB series tests a wide range of electolyser cells. We also produce test cells to complete the bench.

Following the request of customers for integrated systems in Hydrogen application we introduced , more than 16 years ago , a SOEC test bench for CEA Grenoble, followed by many different custom-made SOFC and PEMFC test rigs.

Today , our standardized ETB series is able to test electrolyser cells of any technology up to 50 bar operating pressure with wide operational range for advanced materials studies. We produce the different types of test cells to complete the bench: Electrolysis, Fuel cells, conductivity in the range -270 +1600 °C and up to 50 bar pressure.


We are leader in the production of Potentiostat and Galvanostats since more than 15 years.

Based on the experience of one of the founders in Zirconia devices, we are offering , since the foundation, SOFC/SOEC test cells and full test benches. Sometimes our know-how was used for nuclear fuel characterization up to 1600 °C in controlled partial pressure of Oxygen down to 10 e-22. Cryogenic cells were delivered as well, with multichannels all-solid-state Ionic liquid test systems and liquid Helium probe heads.


We are leader in the production of Potentiostat and Galvanostats since more than 15 years.

Today Materials Mates Italia, thank to proprietary electronic know-how and international partnerships, is the only company able to offer Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) to MW levels for life-size test on Fuel Cells, Batteries, Electrolysers.

High power units merged with the multichannel simultaneous impedance spectroscopy represent today the most sophisticated tool to study large size energy devices, a technique we pioneered and master since 12 years.