Our range of products was developed to solve measuring problems never addressed before.

Each unit is produced with all the features needed for its integration in larger experimental settings, so that our engineering staff may solve your measuring tasks in a fast and  efficient way.

High Power Multichannel EIS Systems

  • MM 58X

0.1 to 100 kW power levels EIS up to 100 kHz, more than 120 channels of our unique simultaneous analysis

Cells and Sample Holders

  • MM HPEC-1
  • MM FCSH V3
  • HPVH

50 cm2 50 Bar electrolyzer cell with one side transparent for coalescence studies, interchangeable flow field

SOFC sample holder for functional testing of coin cells , 1” diameter , T.max 950 °C

Variable temperature , variable humidity pressurized cell for membrane studies

Fluidic and Enviromental Station

  • MM-ETB
  • MM-GSF

Electrolizer test benches up to 3 kW max power with EIS with full options for temperature and pressure

PEM Fuel cells test station up to 5 kW max power with EIS, various options available

SOFC Fuel cells test station up to 5 kW max power with EIS, various options available

Safety containers

  • MM-PSC

Proactive safety chambers for test, storage and transportation of lithium batteries

Single Instruments

  • MM-5X0
  • MM-540
  • MM-52X
  • MM-58E

Potentiostats family with EIS , up to 3 kW, up to 1000 V,flexible tools  from corrosion to large batteries

VarioV Industrial potentiostats with EIS ,specifically developed for insertion in line tests

High frequency, high impedance measuring systems for studies on materials , complete with environmental sample holders

Application-specific potentiostat line for 1.5 / 3 kW electrolyzer cells and stack tests with EIS

Engineering services and Systems


Flexible development environment for ST L996E / STM32 systems